Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Train rides at Penang Hill

The family went up Penang Hill recently when my daughter came back from Kuala Lumpur for the weekend. Had always wanted to go up the hill with the whole family to experience the new funicular train ride together, so this was the perfect opportunity for all of us. I think the children were not disappointed with the ride or with the lunch at the David Brown Restaurant (the old tea kiosk at the summit).

Here are the videos I took of the train journey and they should be seen in sequence. First, the ride up to the summit. Always important to occupy the front cabin next to the driver for the best view.

Now, having seen how it's like to go up at 30kph non-stop, here is the corresponding trip down the hill. Again for the best view, take the back cabin as you go down. But be ready for the exhilarating roller-coaster ride, the only one and the longest one in Penang! Best to hang on to your seats at the middle station.

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