Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Chempedak for reunion

For a change, we had chempedak for our reunion dessert two days ago. The chempedak champion, as the vendor assured me, will be as sweet as the sweetest sugar you've ever had. Serious, that was what he said to me: as sweet as the sweetest sugar.

So without any hesitation, knowing that my whole family loves this fruit, I bought this four-kilogram fruit from him.

Cost me RM16. I know that I consider this expensive but according to my daughter, it was cheap. Huh! Her value of money is different from mine. Mine is Penang kiam siap standard, hers is Kuala Lumpur standard.

Anyway, here are the only photographs taken of my slicing open the fruit. Just like opening a durian, right? Except that this was much easier.

It was messy, though, as the chempedak is one of those fruits that oozes out latex and it gets all gooey and the latex gets on your fingers and you can't handle anything else because your fingers will stick to them and you have a pretty difficult time removing the latex from everything! I'm sure you get the picture.

But the vendor was correct. This chempedak champion was one of the sweetest chempedaks I've tasted for a very long time. Only problem was, it didn't do any good to my blood sugar level. Oh darn, it's only once or twice a year.....

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