Friday, 27 January 2012

Honouring RS Hutchings

I just thought that I'd feature an old photograph unearthed recently from my visit to the Penang Free School's archives in December. A congregation of Old Frees and the prefects and teachers from the school on 21 Oct 1966 to toast the school's founder, Rev Robert Sparke Hutchings, at the Protestant cemetery in Northam Road.

Hard to recognise all the people in this picture but some of the prominent Old Frees were David Choong, AA Sandosham, Saw Choo Theng and Husein Abdoolcader. Among the teachers whom I believe were there included Lim Boon Hor and perhaps Cheng Hin. It took some time to identify the robed person on the left but he was the Rev. ACH Peatfield, the Archdeacon of North Malaya, who delivered the prologue at the gathering.

More pictures are available here.

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