Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Nandaka Vihara, revisited

My family went to the Nandaka Vihara Buddhist retreat centre at the foot of the Bukit Mertajam hill in Cheruk Tokun yesterday.

The last time I ever wrote about this place was in September last year. Although not much has changed, there are plans in the works to expand the retreat centre to provide separate meditation halls for male and female devotees and also to build more dormitories for people going on retreats. As all these will require a lot of private funding, I dare say that people's generosities are much welcomed.

I can truly confirm that the place is very well kept and beautiful. Even if you are not into meditation, a visit to this secluded place, which is nestled among the greens of nature, will soothe your jagged nerves.

Words will never describe the place adequately and therefore, I shall have to leave you with these images. Do enjoy them. They are freshly downloaded from my camera, so you can almost listen to the silence and smell the crisp air...

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