Monday, 13 February 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 11

Over the weekend, I learnt that the president of The Old Frees' Association will be calling for a special general meeting on 25 Feb 2012 to approve two items on the agenda, one of which will be a budget for the coffee table book. As I am an interested party in this project, I will be present at the special general meeting in order to cast my vote in support of the book. We have gone too far forward to have this worthwhile project stopped. To all my friends who are members of the OFA, I wish to appeal for their presence and support at the meeting. See you there!

I was too busy during the weekend to take a real close look at the explanatory notes but my co-editor, Molly, stepped up admirably to add these few words:

This is an important heritage project for the PFS and The OFA. The PFS is the oldest school in South-East Asia and it rightly deserves to have this CTB as a record of its glorious history, academic excellence, great sportsmen and rich traditions. George Town is now a UNESCO World Heritage City and though the PFS is not listed as a heritage, we should ensure that we have our own heritage record of our Alma Mater. The PFS heritage will be seen in the old photographs of its majestic, beautiful colonial buildings, stories and articles between the blue covers of this CTB. These photo-essays will take many Old Frees on a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Moreover, they are also important because they can tell the young Frees of today something about their renowned school that not many are aware of, and give them written treasures to be proud of. In this way, the CTB bridges the past and present, providing a vital link between the Old Frees and the new generation of Frees.

The OFA CTB is lastly a work of inspiration. After the sections on the histories of the PFS and The OFA, many illustrious PFS alumni who responded to the OFA CTB circulars sent to all OFA members and those in the OFA Google Group wrote inspiring articles on how their Alma Mater had been their firm foundation of what they are today. Some reflected on their memorable and mischievous school days. Others wrote on their achievements today, none of which would be ever possible without the education which they had received in the PFS. Again, such articles would motivate young Frees and all readers to move onward to win and gain new laurels, no matter how strait the gate nor how charged with dangers the goal, as the PFS alumni have moved their own mountains with heart and soul.

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