Saturday, 25 February 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 14

Officially there were 66 people at this morning's special general meeting at The Old Frees' Association this morning. Unofficially, more people had turned up after the attendance book had closed. When I arrived at the association this morning, all I saw were happy faces. That certainly gave me a boost for the rest of the morning.

People were actually coming up to congratulate me on this job. Certainly this is something new to me, and the job's not even completed yet!

Anyhow, when it came down to discussing the budget of RM50,000 for the coffee table book, there were no dissenting voices from the floor. Everyone seemed to agree that it was a jolly good idea because when it came to the vote, the budget was passed unanimously.

But there was a comment from someone that his friend, an Old Free who was staying in Sydney, had complained to him that nobody from the Editorial team had replied to his email. And since the president said that this matter would be looked into, I asked this chap for more details after the meeting. Found out later that I didn't know his friend. It had nothing to do with us; most probably he had emailed the person who was supposed to be the editor before Molly and I agreed to accept this job.

By the way at 11.48pm last night, I received more of the draft layouts back from the graphic designers. That was quick! But it hardly affords me any breathing space. I will have to redouble my efforts next week!

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