Thursday, 2 February 2012

A blundering bigot and a social scumbag

I am so disgusted. He calls himself a Malaysian but he knows shit about other people's culture. Don't tell me that he has lived so old and yet he does not understand the multi-culturalism of this country. He is a failure and a damn embarrassment to the Malays that he claims to represent. His blunders are proof of his lack of understanding and insensitivity. Everything he does are just political ploys. Everybody is sick and tired of his antics and the diarrhea that spews from his orifices.

Claiming ignorance of other people's cultures does not cut ice with me or anyone. Haven't we heard before that ignorance of the law is no excuse? Likewise ignorance of other people's culture - especially when we all grow up in the same plural society - is no excuse. If you call yourself a politician, you are expected to know a lot of things about the people whose paths you will cross.

Imagine if a doctor does not understand what goes on inside a human body; imagine if a teacher does not understand the subject he is teaching; imagine if a salesman does not understand the products he is selling; imagine if a pilot does not understand the controls in the cockpit; imagine if a fishmonger does not understand how a fish dies outside of its environment; imagine if a fruit seller does not understand when his fruits have gone bad.... I can't imagine all these people not knowing anything about the things they do. Similarly, I can't imagine how people can call themselves politicians and champions of their races when they do not understand other cultures' points of view. How can they ever make comparisons when they only look at events from a single direction?

Ibrahim Ali is the worst type of political ignoramus that lives among us. No, ignoramus is too polite a word to use on him. Social scumbag, perhaps, is a better term but I'll be dashed if he even understands it. But the important issue is, how can he claim to be a champion of Malay rights when he doesn't know anything about the cultures of other races. How can he tell when his Malay rights are being challenged when he doesn't understand other people at all? Does he even understand his own rights in the bigger picture?

That he was going around on Chinese New Year to give white packets to the elderly Chinese is an affront to the Chinese everywhere.

I don't know how in the first place these elderly Chinese folks were convinced to attend this questionable function but I heard that the arrangements were made by this chap from a Chinese political party. If he had his wits around him, he would have protested the moment that white packets were distributed. In fact, he should have distanced himself from this event right from the start. But no, it looked like a happy collusion. This is a sell-out of his own culture. Idiot, you have just shamed the Chinese community that you claim to represent!

It doesn't take a ten-year-old child of any race in this country to understand that RED is the colour of celebration for the Chinese. White, you shameful bigot, is the colour of death and mourning. You don't even need to be taught this basic observation of Malaysian multi-culturalism. If you had just kept your eyes open, you can see for yourself that Chinese New Year and RED go together. Unfortunately, your mind is a closed book. A thin, closed book with no printing. That's you, all right. And no amount of blundering sleight of hands or excuses is going to change that ugly perception of you.

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Jeffrey Chew said...

Don't just blame the man....see how the man in yellow is in this entirely. How can he as a member of BN preaching 1Malaysia take this call to help his "brother" I say - these are the typical chinese "ai bin" idiot