Sunday, 18 March 2012

NZ travelogue: Albatross Inn

You only understand why this quaint Bed and Breakfast establishment is called The Albatross Inn when you get to know that there is a breeding ground for the Royal Albatross at the end of the Otago peninsula. The famed albatross is one of the largest sea birds in the world.

No prize, therefore, for guessing why the owner of this guesthouse was proud to be associated with one of their main key tourist attractions.

Although the Albatross Inn was very conveniently located near the Dunedin city centre, it could be rather hard to spot this small signboard in front of the guesthouse, especially when there is also a lamp post directly in front of it.

It took me two turns around the neighbourhood, despite using the GPS, before I was finally able to drive the car up to park at the guesthouse.

I rather liked the interior of the room that Glynis Rees, our hostess, had allotted to us. Front room on the upper floor, looking down on the main road. My only concern was that there was a long flight of stairs to climb. Anyone with heavy luggages will be greatly inconvenienced.

I've read about other people's comments over the noise from passing traffic but in my opinion, there was nothing much to worry about. Perhaps it was because we checked out pretty early after breakfast. Anyway our room was very well furnished with an attached kitchenette. More importantly, it was cosy, comfortable and warm.

For the first time since setting foot onto New Zealand soil, we had a hearty breakfast. As you can see, there was quite a spread.

And that's Glynis with us on the day that we were checking out to go explore the Otago peninsula. She gave us some good pointers on where to go.


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