Monday, 5 March 2012

OFA coffee table book, part 18

D-26 days. We just completed a marathon four-and-a-half hours' long meeting of the editorial team today, meant to wrap up the layout of The Old Frees' Association's coffee table book, Fidelis. Yup, it's confirmed: Fidelis will run to 208 pages!

It was a good meeting. We have decided on the cover of the book, finalised the articles that will appear, justified the order in which the essays on the Old Boys will appear (very important, this!), chose all the pictures for the book and met with the printers. The best news is that the messages from the Raja of Perlis and the Chief Minister have been received: the CM's this morning and from the Palace in Arau in the afternoon.

Of necessity, I shall have to keep today's entry short because I'm going to rush out soon to the hypermarket for some shopping of home essentials. Have neglected this to the point where provisions are running extremely low! Then later, to start consolidating the proof-reading....

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