Monday, 26 March 2012

USM team chess competition 2012

Slightly a week after the end of the annual team chess tournament at the Universiti Sains Malaysia, I've finally managed to get my hands on the pictures of the two Old Frees' Association teams that won the first and fourth prizes respectively. Thanks to Thean Keat for these two pictures from the prize-giving ceremony.

This is the Old Frees Association "A" team, or as I would like to call them, the Team Arses. They won the top prize at the competition which was worth RM1,000. Kudos to them, from left to right, national master Jonathan Chuah, Chuah Heng Meng, Eoh Thean Keat and Lim Cheng Teik.

Then there is this Old Frees' Association "B" team, alternatively called by me as Team Bollocks. They took the fourth prize of RM350. I'm part of this team but no, I'm not in the picture as I wasn't playing on the second day of the tournament. Instead, here you can see someone else standing in apparently for me at the prize-giving. Actually, no, he's no chess player at all. Not by a long shot. But Dr Teoh Siang Guan, who is the advisor of the USM Bridge & Chess Club, happens to be my old classmate and is thus also an Old Free. Left to right, Colin Chong, Chan Kim Chai, Ung Tay Aik, Siang Guan and Ng Weng Kong.

We had also fielded a third team, the Old Frees' Association "C" team but I'd rather not say what the "C" stood for. They were a little unlucky to miss out on the lower prizes but they fought a very good fight to upset one of the more fancied teams and allowed the Arses team to lead all the way to the finish line. Their players were Terry Ong, Ng Yong Quan, Chan Kean Sheung, Chuah Jay Leong and Chuah Soon Pheng. Can't offer anything more than this picture, unfortunately:

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