Friday, 6 April 2012


This extract is taken from the March 2012 issue of Buletin Mutiara which is the print news organ of the Penang government. On the front page of this issue was a speech by the Penang Chief Minister at the Accountants for Business Forum. I couldn't but help laugh at his light-hearted preamble:

"Before I begin I would like to admit that I am a failed accountant. I graduated in economics and accounting in Australia and chose to practice as an accountant. Somehow it was more difficult for me to get a auditing position in a Big 8 accounting firm in 1984 as compared to my classmates. But I was delighted after months of failed interviews with top accounting firms, to have finally landed a position with a Big 8 firm.

"However my delight was short-lived as I was unceremoniously sacked without any professional reason after less than a week when they found out who my father was. For some of you who may not know, I am the son of the DAP leader Lim Kit Siang.

"Obviously I was deemed not qualified to be an accountant as I was feared to share my father's unhealthy passion for integrity, transparency, full disclosure as well as giving a true and fair view. This definitely disqualified me as an accountant with the Big 8 firm as the 1980s was a time of financial hanky-panky and cover-ups such as the massive Bank Bumiputra losses scandals.

"Needless to say I was devastated when I found I could not get a job as an accountant. But all's well that ends well. After failing to make the cut as an accountant, I had no choice but to join politics and became the Penang Chief Minister. I would therefore wish to congratulate all of you for making the grade as an accountant. And if you do not make it as an accountant, do not despair. You can always be like me and hope to become the Penang Chief Minister."

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