Thursday, 12 April 2012

Chess is so sexy. Yeah!

I just saw this advertisement for a 2012 calendar here.

What's even better than pictures of beautiful women? Why, pictures of beautiful women studying chess, of course! This calendar will inspire you to get back to your chess studies all year round. Whether you're a guy who plays so much chess that he misses female companionship, or a girl who wonders why she doesn't see more other women studying the game, this calendar is sure to bring joy and encouragement into your home or work place. Each month shows a lovely pin-up model studying a famous chess move, to help you brush up on the history of the Royal Game as the months go by. The calendar will also remind you of upcoming women's chess events and teach you fun facts about some of the great women of the game. We'd ALL love to see more women playing chess, right? And let's face it, folks: Playing chess is sexy!

And for good measure, here are some preview pages of the calendar. Darn, if only I had known of this calendar earlier!

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