Friday, 11 May 2012

Cross-over again? No thanks!

I can't say that I'm very up-to-date with watching the idiot box but I've just finished watching the much-vaunted cross-over episodes in Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS: Los Angeles after a self-imposed delay of 10 days.

What began on "Pa Make Loa" on Hawaii Five-0 (screened on 30 April 2012) ended on the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Touch of Death" (screened on 1 May 2012). Interestingly, both episode titles mean the same thing.

On "Pa Make Loa", we had these two TV characters from NCIS: Los Angeles, G Callen and Sam Hanna, going to Oahu to investigate a smallpox scare while on "Touch of Death", Hawaii Five-0 TV characters Danny Williams and Chin Ho Kelly flew to LA to finish up on the case.

What's my take on the two shows? Personally, I still prefer watching Hawaii Five-0 for all the action and the unexpected twists and turns in the plots. The NCIS:LA episode was too sanitised for my liking and it was very excruciatingly painful to listen to the slow dialogue on this show. Do the characters talk like this every time? They sounded like they had to weigh the implication of every word before they uttered them. Even the action on this show did not get me exactly glued to my seat. 

So i shall welcome watching the next episode of Hawaii Five-0 when the producers have had enough of this cross-over stuff and bring back the whole gang.

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