Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Flying KL-Christchurch: the end of an era

This is truly the end of an era. No more budget flights to New Zealand effective tomorrow. With AirAsia X terminating their flights to Christchurch, all that's left now are the regular flights by Malaysia Airlines, and they are only flying between Kuala Lumpur and Auckland, not Christchurch.

I had suggested to a friend in Christchurch that perhaps the reason for AirAsia X pulling out from this sector was because they weren't making any money. On the contrary, he wrote back. He said he had a friend connected with the aviation industry in New Zealand who insisted that this was the result of the previous shares swap arrangement between AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines.

One of the consequences of the shares swap was that there would be a realignment of routes. AirAsia would have to give up something in return for the lucrative routes they were seeking. In the end, Christchurch was affected, leaving Malaysia Airlines as the only Malaysian airline to fly to New Zealand.

Whatever the real reason, let me say that for about one and a half years, Malaysians had the chance to enjoy the pleasures of New Zealand's beautiful South Island. So let me thank you, AirAsia, for making that happen for some of us!

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