Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Morning accident

It may have looked like a casual conversation between these two ladies at the junction of Green Lane and Cheeseman Road yesterday morning but in reality, they had just been involved in a freak motor accident.

Here are the two cars at the accident scene. For one of them to be turned onto its side would suggest that the force of the impact was very great. But surprisingly, there was no visible damage on it. Of course, the bonnet of the other car was wrecked in the collision.

Actually, I missed witnessing the accident by just a minute or so. When I passed by the junction, people were just starting to arrive at the turned car. I told my wife that we should stop and see whether anyone was injured. Luckily, the damages were only to the car. But there was a driver trapped in the overturned vehicle and people were helping the lady to climb out.

What surprised me was that the tow truck runners were very fast on the scene. Barely five minutes after the crash, I noticed a few making their alert calls already. However, I didn't stay to observe how happened next. Already late for my doctor's appointment.

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