Monday, 4 June 2012

Full moon in June, 2012

I awoke at about 4.30a.m. this morning, disturbed by the bright light shining onto my face. Strange, I was thinking to myself, although still half asleep, why should the street lights be streaming into the room? Rather unusual for that to happen because I had always drawn the curtains properly to cut out the piercing light.

But here I was, on the bed, and my pillow was bathed with light. Forcing the eyes opened wider, I could see that it wasn't the street lights but that source of light in the night sky. Yes, the full moon. And its light was shining straight at me.

Although still groggy from being awoken at an hour when I should be fast asleep, I had the presence of mind to whip out the camera. Yah, time to test out the manual features on this Fujifilm F500EXR. I had meant to test it a month ago during that Super Moon episode but I was still struggling to master the camera's features.

Guess I'm more aware of the functions now, although it still required a far bit of fiddling with it. But eventually, I managed to set the ISO and learnt how to control the aperture and shutter settings. The only problem was that I had to handhold the camera. My groggy brain still could not fathom that I should use a tripod for better effect. But from years of using a camera, it's now second nature to me to prop myself against something solid and unmovable in order to reduce the camera shake.

So there I was, holding the camera against the window sill and resting my elbows on a table, I aimed it high up at the sky and started taking several photographs of the moon. Some turned out bad but this here was one of the few that came out right enough despite the slight shake.

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