Thursday, 6 September 2012

Old RAMs and old chips

What am I to do with these darn things? What can I do with them? These were stripped from my old obsolete or broken down desktop computers and laptops, and now lying on the table gathering dust. My wife wanted to throw them away but wait, I told her, I wanted them as a keepsake of the computers we've owned in the past.

I've a small collection of a piece of 32MB PC100 RAM card, a piece of 64MB PC133 RAM card, two pieces of 256MB KVR266 RAM cards and three pieces of 512MB PC3200/DDR400 RAM cards from my various desktops, in addition to a 256MB DDR333 RAM card from a laptop.

Then there are also an AMD Sempron chip, an AMD K6 chip, an Intel Pentium4 chip and a final Intel chip with unknown markings. What should I do with them?

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