Monday, 17 September 2012

Remembering the 77th anniversary of Ban Hin Lee Bank

Sometimes, I would remember it; most times I don't. But today was one of the few occasions when I did. I woke up this morning and it clicked in my mind that today's the seventeenth of September. It is a date in my version of history, as far as I am concerned. It mattered to me. It moved me enough to post this message on facebook:
17 September? Is today 17 September? That would mark today as the 77th anniversary of Ban Hin Lee Bank, it being founded on 17 September 1935. Unfortunately, the bank had already ceased to exist by 30 June 2000. All that's left for us are the memories of the past working life and camaraderie among old friends and former colleagues. Such was the friendship cultivated at Ban Hin Lee Bank that similar relationships could never be repeated at new work places. They never reached the same heights after our banking days.
Hours later, it had collected several "likes" and responses from my connected friends from the bank. I'd like to share them here:

  • KS Lim SS, but the memory is precious. Even though it has been more than 12 years since the bank has ceased to exist, we still identify ourselves as BHL bankers. This is something pretty rare. I left the bank 10 years prior to that date, but I still consider myself an ex-BHL bank staff.
  • Lim Soon Huat A large number of esp. Penangites has had their first career with this august institution. Maybe I'm wrong but I think BHLB was just more than an institution to us. In some ways it was like an extended family - the bonding has been unusually strong even til now.
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  • KS Lim KS Lim Soon Huat, couldn't agree more. When I joined KL branch in early 78, almost half of the staff were Penangnites. And these are not only Penangnites who were sent to the branch, butPenangnites who have made KL their adopted homes. I can still remember even the customers were ex-Penangnites and Penang Hokkien was widely spoken in the branch. We always feel like being in a home away from home.
  • KS Lim Off course, we had senior staff like Khay Seang, Beng Huat, Benny, Thiam Cheong and a couple more who came to work with us as well.
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  • Lim Soon Huat There are very few siimlar institutions nowadays which are people centric. We have lots to be grateful to our predecessors for their contribution in this aspect.
  • Vincent Tang Yes, very fond memories I have but all good things must come to an end at one point. Cherish the memories but life goes on.

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