Friday, 5 October 2012

Over the edge

I had just received a telephone call from one of the local banks' call centres about 15 minutes ago. Even as I identified myself to them, I already knew that the caller was going to offer me one of two things: a super-duper insurance policy or an incredibly attractive loan. That would be all that the banks would ever call me for.

This one turned out to be a loan. Incredibly attractive, as I mentioned. Interest rate of less than four percent per annum. And since I was a valued customer of the bank, they were offering me this loan specially for this month only. Wow.

The lady at the end thought that she was onto a good thing with me until I started lecturing her back - politely, I must first add - on the dangers of borrowing clean money from the bank with no supporting collateral. It was the surest way of pushing some people towards bankruptcy or near bankruptcy.

She tried to interrupt me but I just wouldn't let her go. I know you are only doing your job, I told her, but please keep in mind that there are some people that you are helping to push over the edge. Think about it, I added, it would be on your conscience. I haven't come across a tele-marketeer who tried that fast to end a conversation with a potential client.

I've come to understand that such tele-marketing conversations are routinely recorded at the bank's end. I hope that this one has been recorded. And I hope that this girl will have the presence of mind to alert her superiors and let them hear the exchange between the two of us.

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