Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A streamlined shipping software solution

My wife works in the manufacturing industry.

No, wait. Let me rephrase it. My wife works in a trade organisation that represents the manufacturing industry. Yes, that's more like it.

To be more specific, the manufacturing industry in Penang. Which includes a lot of small medium-sized enterprises. Of which many are exporters of their OEM products not only to overseas but also to factories that are located in the free industrial zones. Some are doing entrepreneurial trade or trans-shipment of goods through the seaport or airport.

In her work, her organisation represents the manufacturing industry in liaison with the government bodies. Customs being one of them. But of course, there are other authorities too, such as the Penang Port. The organisation she works for is also an approved signatory for the Certificates of Origin. All related to trade or manufacturing.

So when I came across this particular website that claims to offer various transportation management software solutions for organisations of all sizes, big or small, my wife was the first person I shared this information with. Needless to say, she was intrigued with the various possibilities.

For small jobs that require urgent parcel deliveries anywhere across the globe, organisations can always turn to using eShipGlobal’s multi carrier shipping software. It’s quite nifty as users are able to make immediate comparisons of costs and convenience between carriers all on the same page. What can be quicker or easier than that?

Then there is eShipGlobal’s freight management software which they call The Solution. With this software, among jobs that the users can do are to analyse their freight spending and manage freight costs. Global, regional and local finance and transportation managers would be very satisfied with this as it will allow them to be proactive in managing embedded costs such as freight, inventory and accessorial charges in a financial supply chain.

But what really bowled over my wife was the shipping solution from eShipGlobal: a logistics management software which any large organisation should seriously consider implementing if they want to track and manage their expenditure.

This software provides a complete and clear insight into a company’s spending habits. With such versatility, the software itemises spending by department, group, line of business and category; analyses spending behaviours across the organisation; and identifies new opportunities for savings. Really, that’s a lot for one piece of software to do.

There are lots more possibilities from this company, eShipGlobal, and from the way my wife was so absorbed in clicking on this link and that link on the website, I knew that there must have something that had caught her interest. Who knows, perhaps something positive may come out from my random web surfing after all.

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