Friday, 22 February 2013

Downright embarrassing

I spoke too soon. Late last night, I decided to tinker with the router settings. Must have tinkered too much because I then screwed up my Unifi service without realising it. Maybe I should have suspected that something was not quite right when the broadband speed test on my ipad2 suddenly plummeted to about 2Mbps. But it was late at night, see, and I was just about to fall asleep.

The next morning, I tinkered with the router settings again and suddenly I realised that I could not even log into that piece of equipment. Tried resetting it not once but four or five times and failed at every attempt. I was aghast. Second day into my Unifi world and I was completely shafted. What to do but to contact the contractors that had come by yesterday.

They arrived a few hours later, fiddled with their laptops and suddenly, my desktop computer was back online. Tested my various wireless connections and everything was all right too. Never tamper with the main Internet settings, the most Internet-savvy among the trio advised me. There are certain settings, he said, that are meant for Telekom's use only.

So what can I touch? Only the wireless settings, he said. Okay, only the wireless settings. I'll remember that. And the three of them left soon afterwards with oranges in their hands. It was still the Chinese New Year festival period, okay? Wouldn't want to be the impolite host.

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