Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How the Malaysian mainstream media spins...

...and spins and spins.

Anyone reading only the mainstream media in Malaysia would think that the Prime Minister received a rapturous welcome at the Barisan Nasional Penang Chinese New Year function at the Han Chiang High School grounds on Monday (11 Feb 2013). Turning to the second page of the New Straits Times, this ludicrous message was the headline to grab anyone's attention:

Wow, everybody do love the PM, don't they? He could do no wrong. He had bowled over the people in Penang with his promises and pledges. However, all this was only a fairy tale. A fairy tale that exists only in the imagination of mainstream media. The reality painted a totally different picture: that of a very grim future not only for the Barisan Nasional in Penang but perhaps across the whole country. Because there was a revelation that the New Straits Times refused to report. And not only the NST but also the whole gamut of the other government-controlled Press. 

But suppression of the report in the print media does not mean that the real message cannot get out. By nightfall on Monday, news of the crowd's rejection of the Barisan Nasional had gone viral on the Internet. Prime Minister Najib Razak had become the laughing stock of all Malaysia... Here is the video: 

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