Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cowardice and desperation know no bounds

So five years have whizzed by our country and we are not any closer towards knowing when the next General Elections will be called.

During this time, we have had two primes ministers of this country. The first one resigned about a year after the General Elections in 2008, pressured out by the warlords in his own political party, after a less-than-successful campaign. The second one simply inherited the position after some hefty political manouevrings within his own party.

But this second prime minister, Najib Razak, had no mandate of his own. In fact, he had also only squeezed through in his own parliamentary seat. He hasn't been exactly impressive in his management style.

Mesti ada gaya, that's what we used to say about some of those society misfits in the past who had no substance but relied on external appearance to succeed in life. Well, I guess the same expression describes Najib Razak pretty well too. He may look suave and confident because of his image consultants but I tell you, he is no better than any privileged kid that does is ignorant or chose to ignore the hardship of the common people, especially the poorer members of our society. Imagine him saying that it was quite enough for people to spend about RM41 a month on essential foodstuff. Come on, that comment is so typical of his sheer detachment from the real world. While people are caught in a spiral of ever-increasing costs, he had the temerity to come out with such a statement.

So while he looks suave and confident outside, it is all a sham business inside his shell. He has simply no confidence or otherwise he would have called for his own political mandate during the past four years since he deposed Ahmad Abdullah Badawi.

In this regard, he is a coward, a gentleman, no. If he keeps saying that he is ready and his party is ready, then why won't he ask for Parliament to dissolve? Why won't he go back to the people if his party is so confident? Why has the eighth of March come round without him calling for a fresh mandate? Why only allow Parliament to be dissolved automatically on 28 April 2013, which many people are suspecting?

Because he is not prepared to lose. Even right now, the opinion in many circles is that his government is now in caretaker mode although the Election Commission was quick to play this down.  I wouldn't be surprised if the election commission itself then plays its part to extend this caretaker regime's hold on power for the full 60 days before elections.

With such desperation, it is no wonder that we see a ruling regime that is in desperation to cling onto power at all costs, including using scare tactics and violence. This will surely be a very dirty phase we are entering in this country.

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