Monday, 18 March 2013

Speed bump on the Penang Bridge

It is a given fact that facebook reaches out to people more quickly than blogs. As a result, I've been finding myself preferring to write short items on facebook rather than longer items on this blog. For example, on 26 Feb 2013 at the height of the last traffic snarl on the Penang Bridge, I had uploaded these four pictures to facebook. None of them had appeared here until now.

And the reason why I'm suddenly writing about an event that's past is because yesterday, while on my way to the island to meet up with friends at the USM team chess competition, I drove right across a small hump that had been erected at exactly the same spot that the Penang Bridge was working on three weeks ago. I could have sworn that previous to Sunday, there were no such obstacle at all.

It's my habit to drive in the middle lane of the bridge at about 70kph and this is by no means a fast speed. It's well within the speed limit. But all the same, it was a shock coming across this hump in the middle of the road. Appearing with little warning. I considered myself lucky on Sunday. A car that's travelling faster could jolly well lose control and cause an accident.   

 The Penang Bridge authorities need to explain why they have constructed this hump on the bridge. Have they not been able to repair the road successfully three weeks ago? We need to know what's the matter.

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