Monday, 25 March 2013

Time to control our own destiny

I'm actually quite sick and tired. Sick and tired of what, you may ask. I'm sick and tired of hearing one particular question being asked ad nauseam wherever I turn. I go and meet with friends at the market, I'm asked the question. I go for meetings and functions, I'm asked the question. I go attend my friend's book launch, I hear the same question. And lately, people are also asking me the very same question on facebook as well.

I tell you, I am sick and tired. As if I'm Mr Know It All. As if I'm the Prime Minister of the country.

Well, I am not Mr Know It All. And I am not the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Therefore, I cannot tell you what you want to hear. Go and ask him, lah, don't ask me! Go and ask the "no balls" Prime Minister when he is daring enough to dissolve Parliament and call for a General Election. Might be tomorrow, maybe in April or ... perhaps never, if he has his way! Whatever, he is just making a mockery of the democratic and election processes...

I tell you what. We have got to unshackle ourselves from past convention. Now is no longer the time for the citizens to be completely beholden to the Prime Minister. Especially when we have one like Najib Abdul Razak. He thinks he can still hold the country to ransom by not dissolving Parliament. And because of that, we keep hearing that oft-repeated question ad nauseam (again and again and again), and we think we cannot do anything about it.

But there is really something we can do. Maybe not the whole country can do it, but certainly what we in Penang, Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah can do. Funny that suddenly I remember that we are living in the Pakatan Rakyat states.

We don't have to wait for the Prime Minister to dissolve Parliament before we dissolve our own respective State Assemblies, right? We hold our own destinies in our own hands, right? We can still force the issue in our own little ways, right? What if the respective Chief Ministers and Menteri Besars ask their Governors and Sultans for dissolution of their State Assemblies, right?

It may be unprecedented but I am sure it can be done. After all, the Selangor Menteri Besar had already threatened to dissolve his own State Assembly after the Chinese New Year but have not done so yet. So why don't the three other Pakatan-controlled states take the cue from this man and collectively dissolve their State Assemblies?

I'm sure if the four states were to do this together, it will put a lot of pressure on the Prime Minister to do what's right for the country and that is to dissolve Parliament - now, immediately, at once, instantly, promptly, right away, without further delay - and call for the General Elections. If he can do that, only then would I say that finally, he has recovered his own lost balls.


David Ching said...

so why wouldn't PR dissolve the states that they have control over? Is there something that they need to fulfill as well? Are their reason the same as the federal government on why they are not dissolving? Seems that they are equal of devils.

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

I think the Pakatan states are willing to dissolve. But they will remain at the mercy of the Election Commission. For reasons best known to the EC themselves, the EC still have 60 days to delay the election date.