Saturday, 27 April 2013

An early Led Zeppelin mini concert

People who know me well will realise that I'm a self-confessed fan of Led Zeppelin.  Have been since 1969 or 1970. Back then, the Radio RAAF Butterworth was blaring out Whole Lotta Love a whole lotta times over the airwaves. I was so taken by the music that I saved up every dollar I could have until there was enough for me to buy not their better-known second album but the first, a bluesy kind of heavy rock music.

Recently, I learnt from this website, Guitar World, that there was some vintage, high-quality video from a 17 March 1969 Led Zeppelin television appearance in Gladsaxe, Denmark on surfaced on the Internet. The band — Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham — played four tracks from this first album. The videos are available on YouTube but I'm copying the links here so that I can enjoy them one by one in any sequence I want:

First off, this is Communication Breakdown. What a delightful way to start off the mini-studio concert.

Dazed And Confused. Not for the first time, though, that Page puts a bow to his guitar strings to draw out the magical notes. And Plant wailing away in unison. Ooh!

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You. Plant in full flow again as he rend out a lot of emotion in this song. A fabulous effort.

And finally, How Many More Times closed out the four-song mini-studio concert. How lucky could those guys be, getting the chance to sit down before the nascent legends of rock music.

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