Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Your friendly neighbourhood taxmen cometh

I had heard yesterday that a group of people from the Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri descended on Penang to conduct a spot check or survey on businesses operating in the Church Street area of George Town. I didn't pay much attention to this piece of news.

Then today when I was at an economy rice shop in Bukit Mertajam, I overheard people saying that there were several taxmen that had made spot checks on the small-time traders and merchants around the Kampung Baru market.

So maybe yesterday's news was true after all. Yesterday on the island, today on the mainland.

Immediately after that as I was driving through the Jalan Maju commercial area to the bank, I had a jolt when I came face to face with a bus and a van that bore the LDHN markings.

Some seven or eight people were pouring out of the bus as I whizzed pass, many of them carrying a bag slung over their shoulders. A few wore vests with the unmistakeable HASIL name on their backs.

As I was parking the car, I noticed this lady standing outside a shop and asking to enter. I doubt she was much interested in the collagen products that they were selling.

I noticed too this guy taking details of the shops along the road. I wonder whether any of them wandered into the bank further up? Nahh, they wouldn't be interested to befriend this big giant of an establishment. Or would they? I don't know. Perhaps one day, I'll just go and ask the bank manager.

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