Monday, 19 August 2013

Six Old Frees

I returned last night from Kuala Lumpur where I had been a guest of the organisers of this year's Malaysian Chess Festival. It had been a hectic five days away from home and I had to split my time between my family members and the chess festival. So much so until I came down with a fever on the day we departed from KL. Lunch wasn't particularly appetising for me as I could not even look at the food.

Anyway at the chess festival, I came across these six Old Frees. I'm sure that there are a few others around but I couldn't locate them.

A mixture of young and not-so-young, Ronnie Lim is now a doctor at the Universiti Hospital, Jonathan Chuah is an engineer at Intel, Evan Capel is waiting for his A-Level results, Mat Zaki Yeop runs a business in Ipoh, Ooi Chern Ee is working with an insurance company and Elgin Lee is studying at the Inti College.

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