Friday, 1 November 2013

A Philippe Pagès record from 1982

I shall surprise Philippe Pagès with this record when I see him on Tuesday. He's due for a visit here for a concert, you see, and while other people will be queuing up to get his autograph on their compact discs, I shall want to be different and get Richard Clayderman to sign on this record cover. I just pulled it out from the shelves and gave it a good clean before listening to it. Pure bliss to listen to the warm analogue sound instead of some clinically remastered digital version.

Side One: 'L' For Love (A Comme Amour), La Mer, My Way, Lyphard Melody, Tristesse, Für Elise, Ballad For Adeline
Side Two: Rhapsody In Blue, Bach Gammon, Sentimental Medley, Liebestraum, Moonlight Sonata, Romeo & Juliet, Murmurs

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