Saturday, 30 November 2013

Best chicken rice

[Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement. Nobody has paid me anything to write this story. I don't even get any free chicken to eat. I'm writing this because I'm moved enough by the gastronomic experience.]

My wife always tells me to control my eating but how on earth can I do that when I am confronted by the best chicken rice that has passed through my lips?

I've always deemed the chicken rice shop in Cintra Street, George Town, as the best in Penang, but this stall at the Kwan Nam coffee shop in Chai Leng Park on mainland Penang is way ahead of all the competition. It serves the most succulent pieces of chicken I've ever tasted. Even the chicken breast meat, which is a turn-off for many people, is soft and delicious.

I know there are friends who swear that the chicken rice stall at the Maxwell Road food hawker centre in Singapore is the best but for me, having tasted that one in Singapore and this one in Penang, there is really no competition.

For me, the Chai Leng Park stall here, which my wife and I discovered by accident, is definitely the best chicken rice stall ever. Last Thursday was already the third Thursday in a row that I've been patronising the food here. It comes with a bowl of fish ball and a plate of crunchy beansprouts. However, the stall opens only from the evening onwards.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing.

Do you mind sharing the GPS coordinate or google map to facilitate readers going there?

Thank you again.