Friday, 8 November 2013

Delightful delicatessen

There's a new family-owned eatery in town called Delight Delicatessen, and the food is delightfully delicate enough for everyone's palate.

The delicatessen is located in MacAlister Lane and open only from about four o'clock onwards. Reason being, the owner says, parking along this street is horrendous during office hours and thus, they prefer to open after the civil servants from nearby KOMTAR go home after work and vacate the street parking lots.

That bad, ah, I asked William, the head of the family that does all the cooking. Oh yes, he replied, the Municipal Council has removed all the coin machines in anticipation of their introducing the ticket parking system next year and in the mean time, parking is free along this road. The civil servants simply take up all the parking space by eight o'clock morning and won't budge until four o'clock.

Last Tuesday while enroute to the Richard Clayderman concert at Straits Quay, my wife and I decided to have our dinner at Delight. We both ordered their flame broiled mera mera chicken which arrived with fresh mushroom soup. A taste of the soup was enough to send me up to high heaven. The chicken itself was not bad. Very succulent. There was a choice of three sauce flavours: mild, pungent and very pungent. My wife took the pungent which left her fanning her tongue. As for me, I found their most pungent sauce still rather wanting. William, bring on your habaneros next, please!

The surprise of the evening was a complimentary drink of green apples with a dash of freshly squeezed lime, but there was more to come. As I was tucking into the ice-cream, a complimentary chicken pie arrived piping hot from the kitchen. Oh, yums, chicken pies are one of my favourites, if they are prepared well. And this one was good. It blew away all other commercial chicken pies that I've ever selected from bakery chains around the country.

And finally, William appeared with a complimentary piece of cake. Birthdays should be celebrated and not go unnoticed, and thank you for celebrating yours here, he declared. How ever did he know? Anyway, I wish to thank him for your fresh apple juice, chicken pie and piece of cake. Thank you for celebrating with me.

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