Friday, 10 January 2014

Still guarded

My elation was guarded yesterday and I had every reason to feel that way. Just because the surgeon had ordered the intravenous drips removed from my arm and my return to eating did not mean that I was already out of the woods. It is too soon to tell. The observation period following my transfusions of fresh frozen plasma and cryoprecipitate would determine my health status. Frankly, I dread this period....

UPDATE 1: The surgeon came in and told me that until I clear up everything, I cannot be discharged. And the reality was, there was still some blood among my stools. But the bright spark was that the surgeon said it wasn't fresh. (Confirmed when he stuck his finger up my you-know-where again.)

I asked him whether being on the drip  for so many days could have affected my internal organs. In particular, I was concerned about my kidneys. He said no, but added that he would order an abdominal ultrasound to check on my liver, kidneys, bladder and prostate. Personally, this was good for me; I looked forward to this check.

UPDATE 2: Ahh, just came back from the ultrasound check. Had to wait so long as I had to fill my bladder till the point of bursting. Then after I achieved it, I had to wait for the radiologist to do the procedure. And at long last, my turn came. Maybe I spent 20 minutes with the good doctor? And at the end, he told me that there was nothing serious to worry about. All the organs are in good order for a man of my age.

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