Thursday, 27 February 2014

Moon, Venus pulling apart

This morning's configuration of moon and Venus was not as spectacular as yesterday's. I guess yesterday was the highlight: the closest that we would ever get to see the moon and Venus together for quite a while. Those people in Africa would most probably have seen the positions of the two terrestrial bodies inter-changed, but not us in South-East Asia.

Venus should continue to shine bright in the morning sky for some time but seeing how fast the moon can move across the sky, I would estimate that the waning moon will be no-where near the planet tomorrow morning. And yes, I did strain my eyes but I couldn't catch a glimpse of Mercury. I thought I saw a glint of dim light to the lower left of the moon but I guess my eyes could have played tricks on me as well. Anyway, here are two snapshots from this morning. Time was at about 7.10 a.m.

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