Friday, 7 February 2014

Venus in February 2014

I told my wife that I would like to go out for a walk around the neighbourhood again this morning. Still relatively dark outside but the air was wonderfully cool and crisp. Birds were chirping away all around me, as well as the screams of the cicadas filling the air.

I rounded the corner and was greeted by a tiny bright spot of light in the still-dark sky. Venus, the morning star. Brighter than any object in the sky. And yet, unblinking. Luckily, I had the presence of mind to whip out my mobile phone and try to take a picture. My only apprehension was whether the camera's resolution was fine enough not to make a muck out of my effort. Luckily, the shot came out well. Better than my expectation.

About a minute later, I rounded another corner. Noticed that the spot of light was still lingering up there. But by now, the sky was getting a bit brighter. Nevertheless, can't miss this second photo opportunity and so, here goes...

Took me about five more minutes before I could walk back to my original position: the place where I took the first picture. I looked upwards to the same direction of the sky but by now, Venus had disappeared. Completely obliterated in the brightening sky.What's left is tomorrow morning....

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