Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hong Kong's Time Square

From Sheung Wan, we took the MTR to Causeway Bay to meet some friends for dinner. This was our first underground journey since arrival and I had a bit of a bother trying to find the station. But eventually, we found the entrance. It was also the first time that we were using the Airport Express card to access the MTR network. The card didn't register any amount but all it required was for us to tap it on the card reader and the automated gate opened to allow us onto the train's platform. 

We ended here for dinner: a restaurant known as Crystal Jade located in the lower ground floor of Hong Kong's Time Square. The food wasn't bad but sorry, no pictures were taken at all of our dining experience.

According to my friend, rental rates at Hong Kong's Time Square are ridiculously high and thus there are huge overheads for the tenants. I really wonder how the shops here can make a reasonable profit with all the competition around them. Within the same block, I could sometimes find three or four identical outlets, possibly run by different owners.


As an aside, I was mentioning to my friend that I saw advertisement posters selling condominium units on the island for around HKD60 million. That's nothing, he replied. In the really high-end areas of Hong Kong, the price could go up to HKD200 million. Wow, that's really for the affluent, the rich and famous. Most ordinary people, even Hong Kong people, wouldn't be able to afford this type of high living.

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