Sunday, 16 March 2014

Westlands Primary School mates

It may be easy to find old secondary school mates from among your group of friends but it is more difficult to come across old primary school mates. And it is indeed even more difficult to find them at the far corners of the globe away from your home town.

As such, it was a very pleasant surprise for me to meet up with three other people who happened to have our primary school education at the old Westlands School in Victoria Green Road, Penang. And to think that we four Westlanders met in Hong Kong this evening. Incidentally, we are all 60 years old this 2014.

And who are we, the Old Frees and Old Westlanders? That's Balakrishnan on the far left, Ong Charn Hong second from left and Cheah Cheng Hye third from left. I'm the one in the batik shirt, and the occasion was to celebrate Cheng Hye's birthday at the JW Marriott Hotel in Admiralty, Hong Kong.

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