Friday, 18 April 2014

Karpal Singh, RIP

So much has been written in the newspapers and online media about the shocking death of Karpal Singh yesterday that I have lost track of them completely. All that I can say about the matter is that I am grieving together with all right-minded Malaysians. I never knew or met the man (which surprises even me!) but I have long admired him from a distance.

Of course, I had heard about Karpal Singh a long time ago, but it was more about Karpal Singh the lawyer rather than Karpal Singh the lawmaker. I remember when I was very much younger, many times I came across the office of his law firm in Green Hall, just a stone's throw away from the Penang Supreme Court building. Like all law firms, the only indication that it was his office was a small black sign board. I thought to myself, ah, so that's where his office was located, and that's where he and his staff worked and strategised on defending people in the Courts. But of course, I had no reason to step into his office and I left it at that.

Through time, one learns many new things, and one of them was Karpal Singh's political struggles. His uncompromising defence of civil society, his uncompromising defence of the weak and oppressed against the big bullies, his uncompromising call-a-spade-a-spade stance that often got him into trouble with friends and enemies. Above all, there was his defence of the country's Constitution from the onslaught of the extremists, racists, incorrigibles and belligerents. Sadly, he is no longer around to carry on with his work. I do hope that there are other lawyer politicians of impeccable qualities who can take inspiration from Karpal Singh's fighting spirit and continue with his unfinished business.

Death is one subject that we must always broach with respect. Civilised society demands nothing less than that. That is why I find it all so disconcerting that there are certain cowards in this country that are expressing joy over the death of Karpal Singh. Only the cowards will find the courage to speak ill of a dead person when the latter is no longer in a position to defend back. These are the lowest lifeforms of the Malaysian society; these are the lowest despicable slime of this earth. They don't deserve anyone's respect.

Karpal Singh, when you were alive, I had admired you. Now that you are gone, my admiration for you and your life-long commitment to Malaysian society continues. Rest in peace, man, rest in peace. We will make sure that your demise will not be in vain.

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Anonymous said...

All of us share your feelings. I knew him. He was a true warrior for justice and human rights. He never wavered in the face of many threats from UMNO and its paid goons. Karpal Singh never ever lost sight of the bigger picture - a Malaysia that was secular, just and fair to all. He was not seduced by honours or titles or money.

He has inspired all of us and there will be many more who will try to emulate him, for which we give thanks. Vale Sardar Karpal Singh Bahadur.