Monday, 9 June 2014

Hanoi's nightly street scene

Nothing to say about these few pictures except to say that we took a stroll through a small section of the Old Quarters after dinner on the fourth day of our vacation in Hanoi. It was a terribly busy place at night. Every shop was opened and their goods spilled out to the walkway. To make it even more difficult for us, there were tables and chairs on the walkways as well -- often filled with the locals ordering food, talking and eating away -- and we had to pick our way gingerly through them while keeping an eye out for the motorcycle traffic and any would-be pickpocket. But it was great fun to see all these lively activities in the bustling city.

Erm...I wouldn't buy anything from this lady, would you? Not when she goes around touching her foot with her hand!

Hanoi's infamous road snarls with motorcycle traffic everywhere and everyday, but especially on a Saturday. It was an adventure crossing the road at any time. Just be bold and step out onto the road. Keep a watch out at the oncoming traffic, never rush but walk steadily. If you are squeamish, get someone to hold you while you close your eyes and cross slowly. 

This guy's doing the same road-crossing stunt with the cars at one of the biggest junctions in the Old Quarters.

I thought this photo by Giang Tran (lifted from the Internet) would explain everything I want to say about traffic in general in Vietnam.

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