Thursday, 24 July 2014

A little ghost story...

On a large King-size bed in a huge master bedroom, a teenage older sister was playing with her four-year-old little sister. The older sister's back was facing the dark corridor that led to the room's entrance. Suddenly, she noticed that the toddler was staring past her shoulder in that direction.

 Without turning to look, she asked the little girl, "what are you looking at?"

The small girl said, "hantu."

Her big sister then asked, "Really? What do they look like?"

The small girl described what she was seeing as, "There are two: a man hantu and a woman hantu. They are tall, their heads almost touching the ceiling."

Big sister, now feeling creepy to say the least, asked further, "Is that all?"

Little sister replied, "They just started smiling. They have tiny sharp teeth."

Big sister, under considerable strain, told the sister, "Tell them to go do their prayers."

Little sister said, "I can't."

Big sister, really worried now, asked, "Why not?"

Little sister explained, "They've left. They are no longer there."

- Memories of a bungalow house in Petaling Jaya.

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