Sunday, 13 July 2014

At last, the July full moon

I had thought that yesterday's post on the full moon in July would be my last thoughts on this subject but no. Something made me go out of the house at midnight last night. Perhaps it was curiosity. But anyhow, I was glad that I did go out to look at the full moon again. It was most certainly brighter and fuller than yesterday. And I was most surprised to see a rainbow halo around the moon which, together with the clouds, gave the whole scene a most ethereal look.

The outer fringes of the halo was reddish and a hint of this colour could be seen from the picture above. But of course, the brightness of the moon meant that I wouldn't have been able to see its surface features. For that, I had to change the settings on my camera. Still, with a 1/2000-second shutter speed and the exposure stopped down to the maximum -2EV, this picture below was the best I could get. Nevertheless, the moon's surface has shown up nicely.

Then this morning, I managed to see the moon setting behind my neighbour's house. The sky was already getting a bit bright and so, the silhouette of the rooftop and tree provided a nice contrast to the moon.

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