Thursday, 7 August 2014

Herd mentality, herd instinct

I have been reading today that there are scores of Malay Malaysians protesting - sometimes violently and threateningly - outside McDonald's outlets in several parts of the country, the reason being McDonald's alleged funding support for the Jewish state of Israel.

Darn, are they so shallow until they have no mind of their own? Don't they understand that all these boycotts and protests will never change anything in the world? Business will continue to go on for McDonald's. The only people that will be hurt are the staff in these local fast food outlets: these innocent people who have nothing to do with the Jews or non-Jews but only seeking a decent and respectable living for themselves.

If these protesters are so diligent in boycotting McDonald's or some other businesses, here's a level-headed perspective from one of my cousins, Amy, which they should very well heed:

Let's all boycott everything US. Why only McDonald's or Starbucks... 

  • Let's boycott all Hollywood movies - go watch only our local movies (go watch Mamak Cupcake)
  • Let's boycott Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, Skype, etc... all these are also US products, right? They too might be supporting indirectly, right?
  • Let's boycott all mobiles, computers and tablets from the US.
  • Let's boycott all franchised outlets from the US. Stop eating US brands.
So now that we are boycotting all US products (just to be safe), let's close down all your Facebook, Twitter, email accounts, etc.
Wanna boycott? Let's boycott properly and not just on a few only because we suspect they have links to Israel. Remember, you are not allowed to sentence anyone until you can really prove them guilty! Go and get all the financials and do your research before you sentence any organisation as guilty.
By the way, those people who work in Starbucks, McD are just earning their honest wages. They are not guilty; so stop harassing them. If you think what they are doing is wrong, then go employ all these people. Else, you are guilty of breaking their rice bowls. 
If you cannot do all that, then please stop all this nonsense.....
Well said, Amy!

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