Friday, 22 August 2014

Now everyone can loan

I was at the Kampong Baharu market in Bukit Mertajam this morning. Had decided to park the car in an area different from where I normally parked, and then walked towards the market. I was appalled by the brazen display of illegal mini-banners that had sprouted on the lamp-posts.

All were "promoting" their so-called business loans but you know, and I know, that these are all about the Ah Longs or loan sharks in our society. All this brazen display of devil-you-care attitude only points to the ineptness and helplessness of our law enforcers to bring these loan sharks to book.

And I'm meaning the local councils as well as the Police.

Especially the Police. If they can be so efficient in tracking down the identities of a few fellas - even foreigners - who chose to move about in the buff, why can't they be equally efficient in chasing after the Ah Longs. Go arrest them. And go arrest their bosses who are hiding in fancy houses within up-market residential areas.

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