Thursday, 28 August 2014

The usual old farts

I've always maintained that my old school pals, especially those of us who are in Penang, do not meet up often enough. Well, some of us have had quite a number of reunions in the last fortnight or so, taking Thuan Chye's presence in Penang as the excuse to meet up. And they won't be the last ones.

Thuan Chye, as many people would know, is one of the cast members of the "2 Houses" drama production that's being staged as the closing programme of this year's George Town Festival. The shows are only in the evenings, which means that he has lots of time in the afternoon for get-togethers with us.

Standing (left to right) - Kean Chuan, Leong Teik and Anna, Andrew; seated (left to right) - Thuan Chye, Teik Wah, Seng Sun, Kim Guan

Left to right - Thuan Chye, Hock Thiam, Teik Wah, Andrew, Eng Siang, Kim Guan, Seng Sun

Left to right - Kim Guan, Thuan Chye, Kah Theang, Teik Wah, Seng Sun, Andrew

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