Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Full moon in September

It was a very clear evening last night. While driving home along busy Song Ban Kheng Road at about 7.30p.m., I was very much struck by the full moon rising. At that time, the sky was still very bright and it would have been very easy to miss this wonderful sight: a low level moon hanging ahead and right above the skyline in Bukit Mertajam.

From a different angle, this time from the Dato Kramat area on the island, my son was equally taken in by the beautifully bright moon at about 7.20p.m. and he provided me with another view of the rising globe.

A few hours later (time was 10.15p.m. to be exact), I decided to venture out of the house to look at the moon again. I must admit that the moon, hanging above in a practically cloudless sky, was very breath-taking. It was so clearly defined that in some of my pictures, I could even make out some of the sharp, jagged edges around the brightened disc.

In the West, this September moon is known as the Harvest moon because traditionally, it is the full moon that helps harvest by providing more light at the right time than other full moons do.

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