Friday, 26 September 2014

Google Streetview in Malaysia

When I was looking at Google Maps this afternoon, I had noticed that the map of Penang was showing some extra detail that I had never seen before.

For instance, a view of my part of Bukit Mertajam was showing even the backlanes. This was something new, I thought to myself. New but can be pretty confusing with the proliferation of supposedly new roads.

At first, I dismissed the new maps without giving it any extra thought but then at dinner, it struck me that Google might have finally introduced their much anticipated Google Streetview to cover Malaysia.

I know that previously when I clicked on the Streetview icon - that little yellow figure - at the bottom corner of Google Maps, only a few selected areas on Penang island would show up in blue. Would it be any different if I tried it now? So I did. I clicked on the same icon and, viola, almost the whole of the island and mainland showed up with a darkish overlay. Yes, it's confirmed that these are the areas now covered under Google Streetview.

In fact, Streetview now covers almost the whole of Peninsular Malaysia, and that's pretty neat. Only Sarawak and Sabah are not included presently and I really don't know when they will be added eventually. I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

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