Friday, 12 September 2014

One step forward, two steps backwards

This is the quality of the English language as practiced by the Malaysian society today. In my opinion, the English language here has gone to the dogs, no thanks to the education policy perpetuated by the federal government.
"Is so regret that one of our customer house was burnt. While the time we pay the visit. We found there are a lot of multi socket and extention cord were using. It really a very dangerous action. Anytime overload will caused fire. If you or your family & friends is do in this way. Please share this to them and ask them stop to do that. You can PM us your detail. We will arrange and do a free on site inspection for you, to ensure you are live safety.

**Base on first come first serve. Every week we only serve 20 customers. Temporary only for Penang island customer only. 
Please share this to them and ask them stop to do that."

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