Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Cooking disaster

What a cooking disaster I've had today. I was planning to cook some soup for tonight's dinner and so, I had gone to the market to pick up some pork ribs, carrot, potato, onions, tomato and some sticks of celery. All that went into the pot. I turned up the heat and set the timer for 45 minutes, the normal time that it would take to cook the soup ordinarily.

Then came the telephone call. Someone called me and we had a chat. A chat that went on for far too long. Long after the timer's alarm had sounded, I was still on the line. And then suddenly, I remembered that I had something boiling on the stove.

No, it wasn't that I remembered. There was actually a burning smell emanating from the kitchen. Of course, i rushed downstairs doubly quick. Horrors! Smoke was coming out from the pot. Turned off the gas flame. Could still hear sizzling sound from inside the pot.

Carefully, I removed the lid. A whole lot of smoke came out of the pot. Choking smoke. Burning smoke. So I turned on the cooker hood. Turned on the exhaust fan too. Threw open all the windows. Turned on the kitchen fan and directed the air towards the stove and open windows.

Looked inside the pot. Didn't like what I saw. First thing, no liquid left in the pot. Second thing, the parts of the meat and vegetables that were touching the bottom and sides of the pot were charred black. Clearly, there is no way that I can salvage anything from the mess inside. Gingerly, I tried to remove as much as I could from the pot. The rest was stuck to the bottom and side.

Now came the hard part; the cleaning up of the pot. But luckily, my culinary disaster was confined to this one pot. Poured in water to soften the charred-black unrecognisable pieces. Scraped them off. Poured away the dirty water and poured in fresh water. Repeated the scraping until everything came off. Then completed the wash with liquid detergent. Luckily, this was one tough pot. It withstood the heat from the gas stove when all the water was boiled away. It's back to normal, waiting to be used, not abused, again on another day.

Sorry, dear, dinner's spoilt. Now, where shall we go for a replacement meal tonight?

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