Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Chilaka! Typical low-life in today's Malaysian society

No one disputes the fact that the mamaks also have a right to use the Speaker's Corner at the Esplanade in Penang for their anti-anti-sedition act speeches. But when such attempts at their so-called "intelligent" public exchanges of opinion descend into chaos and threats of bodily harm against people who do not agree with them, then such acts must be condemned as defiant hooliganism.

It doesn't take any right-thinking Malaysian to conclude that in the first place, the mamak hooligans weren't interested in a civil exchange of opinion. Indeed, their recent actions at the Esplanade can only be explained as carried out at the behest of their dumbo masters. As usual, their boorish attitude and threats can be put done as a reflection of their poor upbringing.

But more disturbing is the fact that the Police allowed such disruptive acts to continue by just looking on instead of doing something concrete to protect the people. If such cowardice acts are allowed to continue, I have concerns that the country risks sliding into a fascism, if it has not already happened.

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