Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Remembering Hutchings, 2014

Some pictures from the memorial service that was held for Revd Robert Sparke Hutchings at the Protestant Cemetery in Northam Road, George Town, at the break of dawn this morning, marking the 198th anniversary of the founding of the Penang Free School in 1816.

While Reverend Hutchings is the founder of the Penang Free School, he is also regarded as one of the prime movers of the establishment of the Church of St George the Martyr. He died in 1827 at the age of 45 and was buried in this cemetery.

This morning's memorial service was attended by 19 of the school's prefects and students, four teachers, two members of the St George's Church and myself in my personal capacity, although I'm from The Old Frees' Association, and led by the Revd Ho Kong Eng (who also happen to be an Old Free.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! It's good to keep the memorial thanksgiving service of PFS' founder alive. Afterall, Rev. Hutchings had contributed so much towards PFS --and the nation (by virtue of PFS producing countless luminaries!)

Fortis Atque Fidelis

KC Loh said...

Tq for sharing the article, SS. I notice the HM wasn't there. Who represented the admin.? I would like to attend the service in my personal capacity too next year. How do I go around doing it?

SS Quah said...

KC Loh, anybody can attend the memorial service. It is not limited to the school alone. Just make your way to the entrance by 6.45a.m. and you should see the school representatives waiting there. Otherwise, just walk in at 7a.m. and head towards the group of people you see diagonally from the entrance.

SS Quah said...

KC Loh, the HM wasn't there but he was represented by their Senior Assistant, Mr Ho Nean Chan.