Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Last words on Power 1 Walnut

In 2008, I had been following quite closely the saga of the Power 1 Walnut sex-enhancing drug ever since news broke of a spate of deaths in Singapore from people who had been consuming this pill.

Six years on, it is time for me to pull a stop on this thread since this Power 1 Walnut, like most other designer drugs, has fallen out of favour with its users.

What prompted this decision was this story in Singapore's The Straits Times newspaper today that said since 2010, sex drug dealers were now targeting lonely old men to buy and peddle their wares.

The modus operandi was simple enough: a foreign woman - usually from China (and why is it that I'm not surprised??) - zeros in on an elderly man at coffee shops and chats him up, often telling sob stories to gain sympathy and trust. Then, she'd start asking for a favour to have some packages delivered to the man's home, for which he gets paid between SGD150 and SGD500 per delivery. Some men would also receive sexual favours. When the man is busted by the authorities, the foreign woman simply disappears.

Apparently, from 2010 to last year, the newspaper reported that Singapore's Health Sciences Authority (HSA) had conducted 169 raids in Geylang and seized about 2.5 million pills and products worth more than SGD6 million.

Twenty-six people were either jailed or fined for peddling sex drugs over that period, and those caught faced up to two years in jail and/or a maximum fine of SGD10,000.

And yet, of course, some of these so-called "lonely old man" were not undeterred by the punishments because of the prospects of receiving easy money or, in some cases, the free sex.

But more significantly, this brief mention of the Power 1 Walnut drug at the end of the report had caught my eye.

According to the newspaper: "The notorious Power 1 Walnut, which was linked to a spate of deaths in 2008, is no longer sold here, said Prof Chan."

On this note, this shall be the last you shall hear from me on this matter.

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